4 Things to Consider When Selecting Your Audiovisual (AV) Systems Provider

Posted by Robyn Merkel on Feb 11, 2019 11:00:00 AM

Whether you are building a new space for your organization or business, renovating your existing rooms, or simply remodelling your current rooms to bring it into the 21st Century, building four walls and adding some furniture is no longer enough.

Bringing your organization into the modern age requires the integration of innovative technology, and an audio visual (AV) solution that drives collaboration, brings people together and enables real-time communication at any place and any time. 

The importance of communication technology is of vital importance to your organization in the modern world. It doesn’t matter if you’re a school, retail store, large business or a church, an AV solution will allow your organization to run efficiently and encourage your employees or volunteers to constantly evolve through learning, sharing, collaborating and connecting.

But in a technology enriched world, how exactly does your company find the best AV systems provider for the specific and unique needs of your company? Genesis Integration has created a list of four key considerations when selecting your AV systems provider:

1 - What is their experience like?

Not all AV system providers are made equal. Some AV system providers outperform, and are far superior, to their competitors. Make sure the provider has experience providing, setting up and operating the equipment you need.

Take a look at the experience an AV systems provider has with other companies in a similar sector to your organization. Your needs will certainly be different, but if they can do it for one company in a similar industry to yours then they can absolutely do it for your company too.

The most important thing is that your organization doesn’t want to be a guinea pig. AV is designed to make your organization more efficient, so a provider that cuts corners could lead to you ending up with technology that doesn’t work when you need it most.

2 - Can they provide for the unique needs of your company?

Make sure the provider you choose has extensive experience and the specific expertise and specialized skills needed to provide for the unique needs of your organization.

Audio visual solutions are complex and many suppliers specialize in specific industries and sectors. AV suppliers which try to be everything to every business and sector are more than likely not going to understand the nuances of your specific company.

On the other hand, AV systems providers who offer a design and consulting service will be able to design a system that’s specifically aimed at your unique organization. A tailor-made solution will do wonders for your daily productivity and collaboration.

3 - Do they offer state-of-the-art technology?

Audio visual solutions are constantly evolving and the technology needed is constantly improving each year. Does the AV solutions provider you intend on selecting use the latest and most technologically advanced systems?

An AV services provider is only as good as the equipment it supplies, so make sure it is supplying world-class equipment that will significantly improve the processes of your organization.

4 - Identify your organization’s priorities

When it comes to deciding on strategy for your organization there is a range of factors to take into account, whether it be pricing, longevity, reliability and a plethora of other potential things that could sway your business decision.

Before choosing an AV services provider, it’s important that you identify the priorities that are most important for your company. By asking the right questions and learning about similar projects you’ll be able to learn exactly how an AV services provider works before and after an installation.

Some providers will supply an easier-to-use system, others will be more affordable, some might provide better post-installation IT support, some may be more suited to your specific industry and other providers may just supply all of the above.

Doing your research and identifying the aspects that matter most to your organization will allow you to choose the provider that sets you apart from your competitors.

Genesis Integration has almost 30 years in the industry as a sophisticated systems integration company. Want to learn how we can transform your organization with our world-class AV solutions? Contact us today.


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