5 Questions to ask When Engaging With a new Audio Visual (AV) Provider

Posted by Cristina Lucas on Apr 16, 2019 11:00:00 AM

Do you have big goals for the audio visual (AV) solutions in your organization? Whether you’re a large enterprise looking to scale up your conference rooms, a school that’s received a grant for the implementation of a public address (PA) system or a hotel owner that’s looking for a competitive edge - an AV solution can drive your organization into the future.

Whatever reason your team wants to use an AV solution, selecting the right provider is absolutely essential for a successful implementation and the seamless transition into your business processes.

The most important thing to remember is to find a solution that helps you achieve your end goal, while disrupting your organization the least amount possible.

What does your organization want to achieve?

To do this, you must first determine what current spaces and technology you have and then look at which of these are meeting your current AV needs - and which are not. This gap analysis will show opportunities where an AV solution could help you meet your goals and objectives.

It’s also important to think about cost during this step. Once you understand what you are looking for in an AV system, you can then come up with a budget that is both long-term and feasible.

What should I ask potential partners?

A quick Google search will help your company find a variety of potential AV providers in Canada, but which ones are truly suited to the needs of your organization and will their expertise help you grow?

To help you find the right information, Genesis Integration has created a list of five key questions you should ask an AV provider before you partner with them:

1 - Will the AV implementation be a smooth integration into our organization’s processes?

Technology is always changing, which means it’s possible that old software and tools are no longer compatible with newer technological solutions. You want to make sure that an AV solution is designed around your current processes, so there is minimal disruption to the way you operate.

When asking this question, ensure that the AV provider will either design or provide an interface during the installation that will allow for a easy-to-use and practical solution.

2 - How will the AV solution provide ROI?

Audio visual software can be a big investment, depending on how small or large your organization is. That means you want a guarantee that your new AV solution will provide your organization with a return on investment (ROI).

Any AV provider you choose to do business with should be able to clearly discuss how the chosen technology is valuable to your organization, why it’s reliable and why they are suggesting that particular AV solution for you in particular.

You should know exactly what you are spending money on and how that money spent will be turned into increased revenue - whether through better efficiencies, cost cutting or improved collaboration in the office.

3 - Will there be ongoing technical support?

It’s unlikely that you have anyone on your team already who is an expert in audio visual solutions. As with any new implementation, there will be situations that arise when transitioning to a new AV system that you won’t know how to fix.

Find out if your AV provider offers technical support. If they do, then you’ll be just one click or one phone call away from help if any of your AV parts, cables or software stop working how they should.

4 - Will your company provide training services?

Getting employees to adopt new tools can be difficult, especially without training. By partnering with an AV provider that offers training, you will ensure that your staff are trained by qualified experts who know exactly how your AV solution works.

Want to read more on how to get your employees to embrace new technology in the workplace? Check out our recent blog - 5 Ways to Get Employees to Embrace New Technology in the Workplace.

5 - Will the AV solution allow for future upgrades?

Whether you are the owner of a business which you want to expand in the future or a member of a school board that wants to slowly update its AV offering, it’s useful to find out whether your audio visual solution has the opportunity to scale up.

Having the option to scale up at a later date will set your organization up for future growth and allow you to readily adapt to new technology as and when it becomes available.

Are you looking for a highly sophisticated systems integration company in Canada, which is renowned for its world-class audio visual solutions? Contact Genesis Integration today and find out how we can help your organization evolve.


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