Help Students Succeed With AV Technology For Remote and Classroom Learning

Posted by Cristina Lucas on Jul 21, 2020 9:25:07 AM

Before COVID-19, online and remote learning was already an important trend and topic of discussion in education. But with school closures and social distancing, we are no longer just talking about its potential – for many institutes it is mandatory. Students who can’t attend a physical class, whether for COVID, personal health reasons, location or a part of their required learning, deserve a learning environment that will help them succeed.

A big part of this is AV technology and it offers a fresh and engaging approach. 

Students are incredibly tech-savvy. And no wonder, they are surrounded by technology and have grown up with it being a big part of their day to day. AV technology meets their tech-driven expectations and teaches them in a way that comes more naturally to them than the generations before. 

Here are 9 ways AV technology can help improve the educational experience:

  1. AV remote learning is memorable and allows teachers a number of options for sharing information for higher retention
  2. It can be customized for different learning styles and helps reach students who may have had a more difficult time in traditional learning situations 
  3. It accommodates families who can’t make the traditional school schedule work 
  4. More flexibility when it comes to students learning at their own pace
  5. They get more hands-on experience with technology they will use into adulthood and in their chosen career paths 
  6. Observing recorded lessons after class gives teachers more opportunity to find ways to improve their lessons for the entire class or individual students
  7. Gives teachers an alternative way to evaluate the classroom compared to in-person observations 
  8. Content can be turned into virtual libraries for both students and teachers to reference
  9. Teachers can easily get an outside perspective from observers which can help improve instructional techniques

AV learning has proven results as well, improving SAT scores. 

AV learning can help: 

  • Improve task behavior 
  • Reduce teachers’ vocal fatigue 
  • Minimize teacher absenteeism 
  • Increase participation 
  • Improve student behavior 
  • Minimize distractions  

But, remote learning still has challenges. And that is why you need to use the right technology – to help make the process easier not only for the students, but for parents and teachers as well. 

Genesis Integration can help you evaluate, select and  implement the latest technologies for education such as:

  • Interactive projectors and flat panels 
  • Sound field systems 
  • Integrated intercom paging systems 
  • Video walls 
  • Digital signage 
  • Huddle space environments 
  • AV collaboration tools 

Technology is essential in today’s school environment. Combining the right technology and collaboration solutions will give your faculty the tools to succeed and help you shape the minds of our future.

Contact us today for more information. 

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