How Innovative Solutions Have Transformed the way Hospitals Operate

Posted by Robyn Merkel on Dec 20, 2018 11:00:00 AM

Rapidly evolving technologies are completely changing the way we live our lives on a day-to-day basis and transforming the way in which we communicate with each other. No industry can escape this change, and healthcare is no different.

An umbrella of technologies that are particularly changing the way both businesses and organizations in the healthcare sector operate new innovative solutions.

By seamlessly integrating these new solutions into a hospital or healthcare facility, healthcare professionals can:

  • Improve the patient experience;
  • improve operational efficiencies, cut costs and as a result;
  • deliver the best possible care for the patients they are treating.

These innovative technologies are challenging and enhancing the way healthcare facilities operate, and organizations which don’t keep up will soon see themselves left behind with inefficient practices.

Why are innovative solutions so important in healthcare?

Hospitals and organizations within the healthcare sector are facing increasing pressure in the 21st Century to meet expectations from the public, while facing a growing list of regulatory and monetary constraints.

Public and private hospitals alike must balance these requirements, while also striving to constantly improve operational efficiency and customer experience.

Thankfully, audiovisual solutions are helping hospitals and other healthcare facilities to do just that. Through the use of innovative solutions, hospitals are capable of revolutionizing the way that nurses work and the way that patients receive treatment.

What innovative solutions are transforming the industry?

Audio visual solutions have been growing in popularity within the healthcare sector for the past couple of years, and with facilities noticing the difference these new technologies make, these solutions are now being implemented at a rapid pace.

The main benefit that these technologies are providing healthcare facilities is improving the patient experience. Technology allows nurses and doctors to perform their jobs more effectively and efficiently, and that results in better patient care and a more enjoyable overall experience.

Genesis Integration provides these solutions that help transform the healthcare industry, including:

Nursecall Communication: To meet patient expectations, hospitals must ensure that nurses have the necessary tools to respond to patient calls and requests promptly. Effectively responding to an emergency could make the difference between life and death. Thankfully nursecall communication technology provides nurses with real-time and up-to-date patient information at the exact moment they need it.

Real-time locating: A fully optimized real-time locating system ensures you receive alerts on monitoring stations, smartphones, tablets and IP handsets. This will provide your healthcare facility with up-to-date information for staff safety, wander protection, asset management, as well as infant abductions.

Resident and patient wandering: Through the use of new technology your healthcare facility can patients and residents the independence they deserve, yet keep them safe by keeping them out of restricted areas.

Staff safety: Healthcare can sometimes be a dangerous job, so why not give your employees peace-of-mind? With the simple click of a button healthcare staff will be able to call for assistance in either an emergency or a dangerous situation.

By updating your healthcare facility’s technology and integrating an effective audio visual operation into your operational processes, your organization can completely transform its approach to customer care and focus on what matters - the health of your patients.

Ready to learn more about how audiovisual technology can benefit your healthcare facility? Contact us today for more information.

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