How to Use Technology to Safely Move Your Employees Back Into the Office

Posted by Robyn Merkel on Mar 23, 2021 1:22:57 PM

Over the past few months, we’ve discussed in great detail on our blog a number of the benefits that organizations can realize from moving to remote work. It’s because of those benefits that many companies have seamlessly transitioned their entire organizations to virtual work during the pandemic. 

Yet, for some companies remote work simply doesn’t work.

As we move out of winter lockdowns and into spring, many companies will be looking to transition either all, or some, of their employees back into the office. For some organizations that could involve creating a plan that brings back all of their employees at the same time, while others may build a hybrid workforce in which employees can flexibly split their time between at-home work and office work. 

Either way, the key to having employees successfully transition back into the office is now on health and safety - and new technology is playing a key role in that.

How to safely transition your employees back into the office

Returning to the physical workplace is a complex challenge, yet for many organizations it is an integral part of their future success. Safely opening up and managing your physical workplace this year will require a well-thought-out strategy, as well as people-centric policies.

Your business will be required to focus on policies that it has never thought about before, specifically workplace preparation and management during a pandemic, employee and visitor health and safety, as well as governance and risk so that you are able to make quick changes in the event of developing circumstances.

Your employees, and anyone who visits your office, need to know your organization is following government regulations and best practices to successfully ensure the safety of your entire team. 

Thankfully, new technology is now able to help your organization better manage the safety of its physical workforce, while at the same time reassuring your employees that your organization has the right policies in place.

That’s why Genesis Integration has partnered up with health and safety technology developer CrisisGo to offer their new tool, Safety iPass, which helps to protect the health of all stakeholders that step foot inside your physical office. 

What is Safety iPass and how can it help your employees transition back into the workplace?

To ensure the safety of any stakeholders that visit your physical office, including employees and visitors, it’s now crucial that your business provides COVID-19 screening questions and a temperature check before they enter your building.

Safety iPass provides a platform for data collection that ensures anyone entering your company’s building has been screened through either a self-certification process or a manual process at your facility. 

Using the digital platform, employees will receive a questionnaire each morning to ensure health and safety. Once this is cleared, the employee will receive an online badge (with a QR code) that clears them to come to work.

Employees are then able to enter your building by scanning the QR code on their badge or employee ID, quickly verifying their safety status and temperature. 

Health and safety administrators can then use this data to manage safety risks, immediately deescalate issues and maintain a health and safe working environment for your organization’s employees.

Safety iPass protects the health and safety of your employees through:

  • Daily pre-certification: Pre-certifications emails that employees must complete before coming to work, with COVID-19 symptom reports and temperature check. 
  • Entry validation: Employees and visitors are validated as they enter your building with an entry badge to ensure it is safe and healthy for them to enter.
  • Safety data monitoring: Easily monitor all employee and visitor health status, and flag anyone who reports symptoms or a positive COVID-19 test.
  • Close contact listing: Store data on the platform from entry badge scanning to accurately determining potential exposures through close contact listing. 

Want to learn more about the Safety iPass technology, how it can be implemented into your organization and how it enhances the health and safety of the employees in your physical workspace? Contact Genesis Integration today. We would love to answer your questions.

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