Hybrid Work: Why it's Important to Monitor Communication Technology

Posted by Cristina Lucas on Jan 13, 2021 10:47:16 AM

Here on the Genesis Integration blog, we’ve been discussing the increasing number of organizations that are shifting to a hybrid work model and the technologies that are needed to support it. 

In fact, a recent study from pwc on the Canadian workforce of the future found “most employees” want flexibility to choose between their homes and the office, as needed. 

The survey found that, prior to the pandemic, most Canadian employees (82 percent) worked primarily from an external workplace, and today, that’s down to just 27 percent  - with 59 percent now working remotely.

To support this new workforce, in which employees split their time up between office and remote work, it’s important that your organization invests in the right communication tools to boost collaboration efforts among your team. 

Yet, it’s not as simple as your organization’s IT team providing your hybrid employees with access to these technologies and then sitting back and crossing their fingers that they use them effectively. They need to proactively analyze and support them. 

Your business should be using technologies that give your IT team important data and informative insights that help your company support its communication and collaboration technologies in a way that reduces downtime and improves your return on investment (ROI).

That’s where performance and analytics software can help, improving your hybrid workforce communication strategy with data-supported solutions.

What is performance and analytics software for hybrid communication?

Performance and analytics software for communication tools, such as Vyopta, offers a way for your organization to manage its portfolio of communication technologies and gain clear visibility into how they are being used. 

Your IT team will no longer have to make difficult IT decisions based on assumptions. Instead they will be able to make data-supported choices based on performance metrics, historical analytics and usage data.

Your company can clearly understand how your communication tools are being used, giving you insightful information into how you can improve collaboration among your team, reduce spend for improved ROI and scale up or down easily depending on demand. 

What are the benefits of monitoring and analyzing your communication channels?

There’s no doubt about it, remote work is certainly more challenging for your IT team. They need to make decisions that support successful collaboration for team members working both in your office and at home. 

Technology that monitors and analyzes the performance of these tools ensures your IT team are no longer making blind decisions. Instead, they can solve problems and save money with real insights into where inefficiencies are occurring. 

Here are just a few of the top benefits that your business can realize from the use of communication performance management:

Track utilization - Software that monitors and analyzes your communication tech will ensure you can effectively track utilization across your company. Find out where online meetings are being scheduled, who is attending, which meetings are being missed and how they are being used. This gives you the data you need to support more efficient meeting practices across your business. 

Reduce inefficient usage - Missed online meetings cost your business money, but they can easily be prevented. Significantly reduce wasted time and money by finding out employees who are frequently behind missed meetings or those who are organizing meetings with minimal occupancy rates.

Optimize your tech investments - Whether you are using Microsoft Teams, Zoom or a range of other communication tools, there’s no doubt that the cost of all these technologies will start to build up and impact your bottom line. Analyzing your performance across these technologies will give you insight into how they are being used and whether they are optimized for ROI. The improved visibility you will get from performance and analytics software will ensure you can better manage tech deployments, identify underutilized resources and allow you to scale up or down when necessary.

Want to learn more about managing and analyzing your communication technology with a world-class software solution? Contact Genesis Integration today. Our team of technology experts would be more than happy to discuss how your business can benefit. 

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