Implementing Streaming Media Solutions to Adapt to the New Work Environment

Posted by Russ Newton on May 27, 2020 12:05:33 PM

This health crisis has brought about massive change. In every area of our lives, we are changing habits, processes, ways of thinking and more. Our work lives are no exception.

We were so used to shaking hands and having meetings where people came together in a room to share ideas or make a sales pitch, and we often attended conferences or trade shows to learn about new industry trends. Moving forward, we will all need to adapt to a new ‘normal’, to ensure our interactions are safe. 

So how can people adapt to keep their organizations flourishing? One answer is to implement streaming media solutions.

Streaming media solutions include webcasting (ie. corporate communications, town halls, etc) and virtual environments (ie. trade shows). Streaming media allows you to extend your reach virtually, while still able to track attendance, attendee behaviour and more, similar to an in-person event.

The advantage of implementing a streaming media solution is that you’re able to host your event anywhere in the world and offer the floor to more attendees and speakers. This opportunity opens the door to include more collaboration for everyone, all while working remotely.

Other advantages of streaming media include:

  • Allows you to effectively work from home while continuing operations
  • You can reach anyone (employee or customer) at anytime
  • You save on travel cost and time
  • Positive impact on the environment
  • Easy to set up and use without much training
  • Video calls, compared to phone calls, can improve the sales process
  • Cost-effective for businesses of all sizes

When choosing to implement different media solutions, it is important to partner with an organization that has the expertise and knowledge needed to properly organize and execute a virtual media event. You also need to consider the technology needed to properly host the event, and offer attendees clear and concise information on how they can join.

Genesis Integration is a leading provider of audio visual and collaborative communication solutions across Canada. Our expertise and knowledge in this space have allowed us to perfect the process of planning, organizing and implementing virtual events of all shapes and sizes.

The overall goal: Provide clients with seamlessly connected experiences. 

Genesis Integration will work with you to professionally create a customized webcast or virtual environment based on your strategy, goals and requirements. We will be there for you, from the beginning to end, to ensure that the event runs smoothly and to provide any technical support that may be needed.

If you are interested in learning more about streaming media and how it can positively impact your organization, please reach out to one of our specialists. We are here to help and want to make sure that your company is fully set up to be successful while your teams are working remotely.

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