Why Your Organization Should Invest in a Training Room for its Employees

Posted by Robyn Merkel on Nov 18, 2019 12:14:15 PM

Training offers huge benefits for your company. According to the Association for Talent Development (ATD), companies that offer comprehensive training programs enjoy a 24 percent higher profit margin than those who spend less on training.

Not only that, but LinkedIn’s 2018 Workforce Learning Report found a staggering 93 percent of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their careers. That’s important because the cost of replacing employees is incredibly high.

By scheduling regular training that makes your employees feel valued, your organization will be able to improve employee satisfaction, ensure your team is more productive, improve employee retention rates and boost staff morale. These all improve the quality of work your company is producing, and increase profit.

If employee training is new to your organization, there are a few questions you’ll need to consider before you undergo any training. These include selecting training topics, what your business goals are and when you will train your team.

One of the biggest questions, however, is where are you going to train your employees? That’s where a uniquely designed training room will come in handy.

Before we get into what you should look for when investing in a training room, we first take a look at why employee training is important for your organization.

Why is employee training so important?

Training your employees comes with a range of benefits, for both your business and your staff members. Training can be given to your employees for a variety of reasons, including:

  • To new candidates - This ensures they have the skills and knowledge they need to successfully perform their role, as well as familiarize them with your brand’s values, mission and goals.
  • To existing employees - Training will both refresh and enhance your team’s existing knowledge and skills.
  • When you update your technology - Investing in new technology infrastructure requires your entire team to embrace these new tools, training will improve uptake.
  • Employees preparing for promotion - Staff members with more responsibilities are required to have more knowledge. Those who are ready to step into a new role should be properly trained in what that will entail.

How to design the right training room

If you’ve decided that your company needs to invest more into staff training, the next step is to create your very own training room.

The design of a training room is incredibly important. A specific room in your office will ensure your trainees will be free from day-job distractions. However, there are a number of things you must consider for an effective training room.

A training room is so much more than just a room with a few pieces of basic technology. You’ll need to think about how to utilize the space to ensure a good experience, you’ll have to consider how many people will be in it at any one time, you’ll have to invest in a high-quality audiovisual (AV) solution for effective collaboration and you will have to consider many other things such as which furniture you want, the acoustics involved and the location within your office.

This is where you’ll benefit from the input of an expert. An experienced AV company, such as Genesis Integration, will be able to design your training room in a way that utilizes the space for a wide range of training sessions, classes, collaborative meetings and other events.

By using innovative AV solutions (such as microphones, wireless presentation, video capability and interactive displays) and designing a solution for your company’s specific training needs, your training rooms will be a place where new skills and ideas are born - driving your business into the future and giving you an advantage over your competitors.

Are you looking for more information about how Genesis Integration can design your company a unique and effective training room with best-in-class audiovisual technologies? Contact us today.


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