What is Audio Visual as a Service (AVaaS) and how can it Benefit my Business?

Posted by Cristina Lucas on Mar 8, 2019 11:00:00 AM

Acquiring high-quality audio visual (AV) solutions has long been a challenge for many organizations. Budgetary constraints leave businesses paying for what they can afford, even if it’s below-par equipment and inefficient services that offer no return on investment.

Add to that the complex nature of AV - such as connectivity problems, damaged wires, and equipment that isn’t working to its optimum level - and many organizations simply do not have the in-house resources needed for an efficient AV system. 

While the benefits of audio visual solutions are great, inefficient AV can lead to missed meetings, wasted time and expensive repair costs.

Are you one of the many businesses who believe that they lack the resources needed for a successful AV solution? Think again. This is where audio visual as a service (AVaaS) could transform your organization’s goals.

What is AVaaS?

The conventional method of integrating audio visual into a business was for an organization to buy the hardware, and then install that hardware and keep it running efficiently with their own team of in-house staff.

This method of implementing AV into a business is still highly valuable and offers great benefits. However, for smaller organizations, and businesses who may lack the necessary resources to continually look after various AV systems, AVaaS is the way forward.

Audio visual as a service is a way of outsourcing AV and video to a professional supplier that is highly experienced in audio visual solutions. Rather than buying the hardware, your organization can instead outsource it while also receiving remote managed services and on-site support.

These experts will analyse your company’s processes and its unique needs, and will then create an audio visual solution in which they will integrate the necessary tools into your operations. What is installed will depend on the size and needs of your organization, meaning the solution is specifically tailored to your company.

The design, software, hardware, and service of AVaaS are all one package, your organization will pay a monthly fee and the AV suppliers will take care of the rest - ensuring you get the best solution for your needs.

How can it benefit my company?

The main benefit of audio visual as a service is the cheaper upfront cost. One monthly fee - which includes the cost of equipment, ongoing support and software licenses - includes all the elements and your organization needs to meet your yearly goals.

While traditional AV hardware purchases live under your company's capital expenditure, AVaaS falls under operating expenditure. This means your organization can access more funds to pay this monthly recurring fee, while also helping to move the numbers around in your company’s budget.

The benefits of AVaaS are great, and eliminating the traditional hardware and the associated labor costs is just one of those advantages. Other benefits include:

  • Contractual agreement.
  • AVaaS is simpler for your employees. By ensuring that your AV is constantly working to its optimum level, your employees will never have to spend hours trying to work out how to get meeting systems up and running and can instead spend more time on what matters - their work.
  • Monthly fee paid by the client that includes equipment costs, support personnel and software licenses.
  • Reduced upfront expenses.
  • Included service agreements.
  • Regular upgrades.
  • Scheduled proactive maintenance.

How can Genesis Integration help?

Genesis Integration supplies audio visual as a service to a wide range of industries, including corporate companies, education facilities, government organizations, healthcare facilities, hospitality institutes and retail stores.

By working closely with your goals and how to best achieve them, Genesis Integration can encompass consumables and services into your payments. We will ensure that your organizations has the technology in place that allows your team to effectively and efficiently communications and collaborate.

If you are limited by budgetary constraints or simply don’t have the in-house resources needed to keep your AV equipment running, Genesis’ AVaaS is the answer. By keeping your AV systems working efficiently, your organization will be in a great position to improve productivity and grow revenue.

If AV and collaboration systems are an important part of your business, and you find it hard to dedicate the time and resources to manage those tools, then contact Genesis Integration today and find out how AVaaS can help.


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