CHES ON 2019 Breaking down barriers to improving our Healthcare Facilities

Posted on: May 28,2019 | Event Month: June 2019

June 3rd - 4th  - We will share all the benefits and solutions we have designed to help you deal with the challenges and changes that you have targeted for your healthcare facility. Our preferred vendor partner Jeron Electronic Systems will join us at the booth. Technical presentations, roundtable discussions, and activities throughout the conference are being planned, also we'll be part of the Beyond the Booth a 15 minutes open mic on the tradeshow floor. Stay tuned! 

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When: June 3 - 4

Where: Hamilton Convention Centre

Name of the Association: Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society CHES, Ontario.

Who will assist: Jodi McDaniel, Gabriel Gely, Cristina Lucas, Genesis Integration 



Jodi McDaniel, Account Executive
Jodi McDaniel, Account Executive

A stalwart professional in the health care space, Keith brings 25+ years of experience to our clients to deliver spectacular projects, every time.

Gabriel Gely-1

Gabriel Gely, Director of Business Development

Working with such a dedicated and talented group of people is an honour and a privilege.



Cristina Lucas.  Manager, Product & Marketing

Building relationships & empowering communication to create efficiency.

Cristina Lucas is an influencer who is passionate about leading with integrity while building meaningful relationships and teams.