How Audio Visual (AV) Solutions can Enhance Classroom Systems and Improve Students’ Performance

Posted by Robyn Merkel on May 24, 2019 9:05:54 AM

The classroom is designed to be a place of learning and development, and using the appropriate tools and processes is vital when it comes to delivering a high-quality experience for students.

As in all sectors and industries around the globe, technology is a huge disruptor to traditional processes and the way organizations operate - and the education sector is no different.

In fact, research has established positive, direct correlations between the implementation of audio visual (AV) enhancements in classroom systems and the improvement of students’ academic performance across various year groups.

AV creates a stimulating and interactive environment for students to learn, whilst at the same time giving teachers the tools they need to enhance their lessons and help students to push for higher grades.

There are a number of ways that audio enhancement and video installation can benefit students and teachers at your education facility, including:

  • Improved task behaviour and concentration.
  • Reduction of teachers’ vocal fatigue.
  • More participation from students.
  • Better behaved students.
  • Less teacher absenteeism from vocal and jaw problems.
  • Fewer distracted students.
  • And many more.

Audio enhancement

AV technologies used in the classroom vary depending on the specific needs of your education facility, but sound systems for schools are among the most popular of these.

Classroom sound systems are designed to enhance the learning environment in classrooms by ensuring that all students can hear the teacher during presentations, students during speeches, audio during movies and much more.

A number of studies (which we have cited in the text below) have backed up just how important audio enhancement is for the modern day classroom, finding key results such as:

  • Fifth grade student’s SAT scores improved in reading, math and science.
  • A 34-year long study showed a significantly improved student achievement among a group of sixth to eighth graders.
  • Speech recognition scores are higher in amplified conditions among elementary school students.

Video in classrooms

Meanwhile, the installation of video in classrooms has been found to significantly enhance the learning techniques used by teachers, providing a more interactive and stimulating experience for students.

A body of research, titled The camera in the classroom: video-recording as a tool for professional development of student teachers, noted some key findings:

  • 89 percent of teachers consider the use of video a beneficial tool to improve the way they teach.
  • 80 percent of teachers consider video a very helpful device to identify characteristics of their teaching practice.
  • 78 percent of teachers reported that video is a useful resource to enhance their own teaching from a student’s perspective.

But how do teachers take advantage of video and camera installations in the classroom? That’s exactly the question a Harvard University study - titled Best Foot Forward Project Harvard University 2015 - answered in a five-step guide:

  1. Self-reflection: Observing self-recorded lessons provides teachers the opportunity to notice students challenges that are otherwise difficult to perceive while teaching.
  2. Peer collaboration: Improved teaching techniques can be recommended by teachers seeking instructional advice from their colleagues.
  3. Virtual coaching: Teachers are able to get an outside perspective that is difficult to capture when in-school observers already have relationships with the students, parents, and teachers in the classrooms they observe.
  4. Evaluation: A well-designed process can give teachers wider evaluation control over the entire classroom compared to in-person observations.
  5. Video library: School leaders have an opportunity to build a virtual library that helps establish and unite a common vision.

How can Genesis Integration help?

If you want to access the numerous benefits an audio visual solution can bring your education institute, look no further than Genesis Integration. Through our expert knowledge of AV systems, we are able to implement and manage the latest classroom technology allowing your school to focus on what matters - educating your students.

By partnering with you to determine the best AV solutions for the unique needs of your school, we will ensure your staff have the tools they need to succeed.

Some of our AV services here at Genesis Integration include:

  • Interactive projectors and flat panels.
  • Huddle space environments and collaboration tools.
  • Sound field systems.
  • Video walls.
  • Integrated intercom paging systems.
  • Digital signage.

Once an effective AV solution is in place, Genesis Integration will work closely with your team to set up the necessary structure, provide ongoing technical support and help you to train your teachers.

You can learn more about our innovative AV solutions for schools by reading our case study on our partnership with Lillian Osborne High School.

Are you looking for more information about audio visual technology from an expert firm in Canada, serving clients across North America? Contact Genesis Integration today to learn how we can enhance your school’s classrooms with our innovative audio and visual software solutions.

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Note: All statistics used in the article are from The camera in the classroom: video-recording as a tool for professional development of student teachers and the Best Foot Forward Project Harvard University 2015.

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