How the Inbound strategy has strengthened Genesis Integration’s revamp

Posted by Vanessa Requesens on Mar 22, 2019 11:00:00 AM

Many companies around the world are adopting an Inbound marketing strategy. This methodology is a client-centred marketing and communication approach based on client profiles.

The goal of this implementation is to attract, engage and delight the clients during their journey with Genesis Integration

The Inbound methodology has improved communication, the tone of media conversations and even the understanding of the different triggers that lead a client to engage with a brand and remain loyal to it.

It is for this reason that client persona development is crucial to generating an effective Inbound strategy.

What is a client persona?

A client persona is a representation of our target clients as a company. It’s the complete picture that we paint based on comprehensive research and interviews. With this fundamental exploration, we truly know what attracts new clients, what drives them to engage in conversations with Genesis Integration and how we can provide them with a customer experience that is second-to-none.

The client persona document goes beyond the demographic factors, and includes such items as:

  • The medium a person prefers to communicate over.
  • What a client’s goals and challenges are.
  • How technical (or non-technical) our language should be.
  • Identify the content that would be of interest to the persona.

Our Evolution

In 2018 Genesis Integration encompassed Inbound methodology with great success. We have created a brand-new website and growth strategy, and we recently launched our five persona profiles we’ll use as reference for the internal teams and external communications.

These personas are our compass to streamline the sales process, they provide a better understanding of our clients’ needs and the appropriate technical language to use for the service and support department.

They are a treasured tool for the Genesis Integration marketing team. The personas will help us to create valuable, educational and insightful content for our clients across every channel- including our website, social channels and even in face to face interactions.

Genesis evolved hand in hand with the Inbound marketing approach, and now our departments are ready to provide the right audio visual (AV) solution to each persona at the right moment. By leveraging the very best in audio visual technology, we are able to create a seamlessly integrated collaboration strategy tailored for the unique needs of your business.

How the Inbound methodology can help you grow your business

Inbound marketing is about creating great experiences to your clients, this transformation helps you to re-think your company’s purpose and start to create and share helpful tools. Every organization needs to create a happy and loyal customer base, and this methodology promotes recurrence and organic visits.

By creating valuable content, enriched experiences and ultimately delighting your clients, your organization can build a strong online presence and become trustworthy brand that is known for putting the needs of clients first.

With this in mind, by creating new ideas with your persona’s needs in consideration your company will be able to provide resourceful, useful and highly engaging content.

Moving Forward

The client personas have provided Genesis a wonderful structure and insights that help us determine where to focus our time, guide our services development, and help us align the communications across the organization.

For this reason, personas have been embraced across the company. Its adoption is vital to achieving our goals of growing Genesis Integration to be the very best AV and collaboration technology provider, delighting our customers at every step of their journey.

Want to learn more about what we do here at Genesis Integration and how we can fulfill your company’s audio visual and collaboration needs? Contact us today for more information.


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