Multi-Language Tips for Your Online Team Meetings With Zoom

Posted by Cristina Lucas on May 5, 2020 7:33:22 AM

With many businesses in lock-down, video conferencing has become the new normal way of communicating effectively with team members and clients.

If your team wasn’t using video technology before, some employees and clients may initially find it strange and awkward. However, did you know that video conferencing actually provides you with more tools and added benefits to your business over communicating in person or on a regular phone call?

Each video conferencing service includes different features, such as: recording, chat, desktop sharing, that can be used during video calls. These features are considered standard across providers, but some platforms go further.

Imagine if you could expand your comfort level of communication to those who speak other languages? This would be extremely helpful to those who conduct business overseas or with diverse teams with members who speak a different language.

Zoom, one of the video conferencing providers currently trending exponentially in the market, includes a feature that does just that! Zoom’s simultaneous language interpretation functionality allows users to select the option to include an interpreter in meetings or webinars. When selected, the host is able to designate specific participants in the call to be the interpreter for those who need it. The nice thing about this is that the interpreter doesn’t need their own Zoom host account.

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When the meeting begins, the host provides language interpreters with access to their own language-specific audio channel. The attendees in the meeting then choose the audio channel they want, so that they can hear an interpretation in the language of their choice. With the option to select different audio features, the attendees can either listen to both the speaker and interpreter at the original volume or at a lower volume.

Something to keep in mind, choosing to record the meeting to use as a future reference or resource has some limitations. At the time of this blog’s publication, a cloud recording of the meeting will only include the original recording of those who spoke during the meeting. Local recordings for those who included the interpretation option will include all audio that the attendee heard, excluding multiple audio channels.

Zoom’s unique audio channel architecture allows all attendees to listen, understand and participate, all over the world! So, if you had to cancel your meeting in Spain or reschedule your keynote in Japan why not try Zoom. This feature would also be very helpful in providing new team members, whose first language is different from the speakers, with the opportunity to feel part of the group in the video call but have the support of real-time interpreters.

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