How to Use Technology to Safely Bring Children Back to School

Posted by Cristina Lucas on Sep 21, 2020 2:58:28 PM

September is now here and schools across Canada are set to start welcoming children back into classrooms. The reopening of schools, however, brings the risk and worry that there could be a spike in the number of COVID-19 cases. That’s why teachers and school boards are now faced with the task of implementing health and safety precautions that protect both children and teachers.

New considerations for schools include questions such as when they should reopen, which students and teachers will go back into classrooms, and what health and safety measures should be adopted to protect the wellbeing of children, teachers and visitors. 

Making a safe transition back into the classroom

School and educational institutions must now implement stricter health and safety measures that limit the spread of COVID-19, ensuring classrooms are a safe environment for everyone involved. 

Health and safety measures implemented by schools can include:

  • Physical distancing
  • Enhanced sanitation protocols
  • Mask wearing
  • Reduced classroom sizes
  • Designated entrances and exits for specific students
  • Floor markings to direct foot-traffic
  • And many others

Thankfully, there are innovative new technologies that vastly improve the health and safety measures that are being implemented into schools. That’s why Genesis Integration has partnered with CrisisGo to provide its unique Safety iPass solution, designed specifically to help schools return safely.

What is Safety iPass and how does it work?

Safety iPass is a technological solution that allows schools to more efficiently and effectively admit students, staff and visitors onto their premises by issuing them a pre-certified digital badge that confirms they are safe to return to school grounds. 

Safety iPass has three main features that work to protect every stakeholder in a school, including students, staff and visitors:

  1. Daily pre-certification: The ability to design and schedule pre-certification emails, which parents receive and complete each day. Once complete, students and staff receive an entry badge.
  2. Entry validation: Upon entering the school’s premises, students, staff and visitors will be validated by scanning the entry badge.
  3. Data monitoring and contact tracing: Monitor student, staff and visitors health status to ensure anyone that is exposed to COVID-19 can be notified quickly and to ensure action is taken to protect those in the school. 

To ensure students are safe to return to school each day, Safety iPass sends out a pre-scheduled email. Parents are able to confirm their child is safe to return to school by completing the COVID-19 survey questions and performing a temperature check at home - children who are safe to return receive a pre-certified digital badge that confirms they are safe to enter the school’s premises. 

Verifying students, staff and visitors ensures that anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms does not come into your building. It also helps get students into classrooms quicker by avoiding lengthy on-door examinations, promoting physical distancing measures and avoiding congregating students. 

Not only that, but monitoring the COVID-19 symptoms of students and staff allows schools and local governments to act quickly when a positive test is reported. In fact, with Safety iPass’ built-in close contact listing tool, students, staff and visitors who may have been exposed to the virus can be immediately identified.

Want to learn more about Safety iPass and how it can be implemented in your school to improve health and safety measures? Contact Genesis Integration today. Our team of audio visual experts would love to answer any questions that you may have.

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