What is AV Managed Services and How Can it Benefit Your Business?

Posted by Cristina Lucas on Aug 21, 2019 11:00:00 AM

Many organizations embrace managed services to support their business and improve the way their employees operate. When it comes to audiovisual (AV) solutions, some companies either don’t think it exists or finds it hard to find a company they can outsource for a managed services program.

With AV such an important component to your business’s communications, presentation, branding strategy and meeting room technology, an AV managed services program can bring your company significant benefits.

Thankfully, Genesis Integration is developing world-class AV managed services programs for the companies they partner with.

Before we get into how Genesis Integration can help your company, let’s first take a look at what exactly managed services is.

What is managed services?

Managed services is generally offered by information technology (IT) providers. In this type of arrangement, the managed services provider (MSP) will take on responsibility for all of the company’s IT services and equipment.

This means the MSP will look after everything related to IT - completely taking the burden away from the organization and leaving it in the hands of an expert who can save the company’s time and money.

The result? The company is able to pay a set fee each month for a reliable service that will allow them to focus on their core competencies and have peace-of-mind that they’ll have the resources they need to grow.

What are the benefits of an AV managed services program?

By outsourcing the proactive management of your AV assets to a managed services provider, your company will have complete confidence that the audiovisual technology supporting your business will always perform as expected and is being properly maintained.

In fact, there are a variety of benefits that your organization will realize from an AV managed services program. These include:

Reduce labour costs: Hiring and training AV staff can be incredibly expensive, and hiring temporary workers won’t help to keep your AV solution working for the long haul. Outsourcing means you are able to avoid spending money on a whole new department that you don’t actually need.

Access to expert help: It’s unlikely your company, or the employees you hire, have any experience or expertise when it comes to complex AV solutions. A managed services program will ensure you have constant access to expert help and employee training when needed.

Focus on your core business: Your business has limited resources and it’s important that those resources are working on the right tasks if you want to grow. Outsourcing your AV will ensure your audiovisual solutions are always up-and-running, meaning your managers and employees can focus on the tasks that help you reach your yearly goals.

Ability to quickly implement new technologies: Implementing new AV solutions in-house will take months when considering the research, training, support and installation times associated with new technologies. An outsourced AV specialist, however, can implement world-class solutions right away.

Where does the AV industry come in?

While a managed services program can be pretty much defined by outsourcing any part of your organization, it can be incredibly hard to find an AV solution provider which offers this particular solution.

Your company should be able to receive all of the benefits of a managed services program when it comes to your organization’s audiovisual solution.

That’s exactly why Genesis Integration has created an innovative AV managed services program. The Genesis Integration AV managed services program includes:

  • Ongoing support for your system.
  • On-site personnel who provide real-time support, limiting downtime.
  • On-hand meeting support and room setup.
  • We take responsibility for your entire video conference experience.
  • Training and user adoption.

We provide all the benefits of a fully-functioning internal AV department, ensuring your team has customized training for the world-class technology we integrate into your business and that you have the AV technology you all your video conferencing, collaboration and security needs - without the overheads.

Want to learn more about our innovative AV Managed services program? Contact our team of experts today, we would be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

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