How Business Streaming Video Helps to Promote New Growth

Posted by Cristina Lucas on Oct 6, 2020 10:02:00 AM

Today’s world is more connected than it has ever been before. Your business now has the opportunity to connect, engage and sell to customers all over the globe, as well as hire remote workers who offer skills that may not be readily available in your company’s immediate locale.

This connection to customers and job candidates on all four corners of the world comes with huge benefits and upsides for your organization, but there’s one caveat. To successfully engage with them, you need to have a successful internal and external communications strategy that drives new growth for your organization. 

To engage prospects, customers and potential new employees, some organizations are now making the most of live video streaming platforms to improve their communication efforts. So, what exactly is live streaming media and how are businesses using it to promote growth? Genesis Integration answers your questions here.

What is live streaming media?

Live streaming media is a video hosting solution that allows your business to upload and broadcast video content to a large audience, by sending it directly to their favourite device no matter where in the world they are located. 

These broadcasts can include a range of events - from trade shows, Q&As, product launches, training seminars, interviews, live announcements and much more - and are designed to improve engagement with your existing customers, potential customers and job candidates. 

In fact, live streaming can be used for a range of purposes that grow your business, including lead generation, building brand awareness, advertising, creating new revenue streams through paid access and improving your talent pool.

How the use of media streaming can drive business growth

While there are many ways that your business can use live streaming media to improve both your internal operations and customer outreach, we’ve listed four key ways that your organization should consider using live streaming. 

#1 - Stream live industry events

Moving away from traditional physical events, many organizations are now turning to virtual events to deliver content to their audience. Your company could use live streaming to host industry events such as trade shows, conferences, interview an expert in your field or even host networking events for your specific sector.

Sharing an event in real-time with your online community will significantly improve their engagement with your brand. This could be done to ensure you become a thought leader within your industry, to convert potential customers into sales or to earn additional revenue by selling tickets to those that want to attend.

#2 - Training for remote team members 

With a growing number of workers opting for remote work and a large number of businesses developing work-from-home strategies, training and educating your team members is becoming an increasing challenge. 

With live streaming media, you can stream live videos directly to new hires and remote team members to ensure they have everything they need to continue their career progression. This could be onboarding, process tutorials and staff training. Live streaming media makes it easy to stream videos directly to a large number of remote employees at the same time. 

#3 - Live product launches or tutorials

Product videos are the most powerful way to market what your company delivers to its customers. You can showcase exactly how your product/service works and how customers will benefit from investing in it. 

reaming product launches or tutorials, you’ll be able to form a direct connection with your customers and increase sales conversions. By announcing a live product video in advance of streaming it, you can build a buzz around your brand that attracts potential customers to watch it. 

#4 - Host Q&A sessions

Marketing to customers is about showing that your business is a helpful, trusted partner that wants to improve their life. You need to prove to your audience that you care about their problems and want to solve them. 

While you can do this across your website and content marketing strategy, live streaming media also presents a fantastic opportunity to further engage with your existing and potential customers and show them that you are willing to listen to their concerns and answer their problems. 

Consider using live media streaming to host Q&A sessions in which you can answer customer issues, educate them about your product or services and explain how you can benefit them. Not only is this great content, it will ensure customers have a human connection to your brand.

Want to learn more about how live streaming media can promote new growth for your business? Contact Genesis Integration today. Our team of technology experts would love to answer any of your questions in regards to implementing live streaming media solutions into your company’s processes.

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